Sirius Madness 2018 Agenda

We are still finalizing the agenda. Please check back for updates.

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Breakout Session Group A

  • The AWS Well-Architected Framework – Building your cloud footprint on a solid foundation – Brandon Hyde, Infrastructure Services Architect at Sirius

    For either new or existing workloads, the Well-Architected framework has been developed by AWS to help cloud architects build the most secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure possible for their applications. In this session we will have Certified AWS Architects help you to identify to how to effectively design and deploy AWS environments with specific focuses on Security, Reliability, Performance, Cost Optimization and Operational Excellence.

    Sirius Cloud Session

  • Freedom to Deliver Apps Securely and Anywhere With Confidence – David Remington, Security Solutions Architect – Americas at F5 Networks

    At F5 apps are our business, we realize its your business too.  Businesses depend on apps whether it’s apps that help connect businesses to their customers or apps that help employees do their jobs—we make sure apps are always available and secure, anywhere.

    F5 Session

  • Securing the Privileged Pathway – The Most Travelled Cyber Attack Route – Chad Froomkin, Senior Account Executive at Cyber Ark Specializing in Privileged Account Security, Enterprise Software and Cloud Infrastructure

    Privileged Accounts are a built in vulnerability. It’s been well documented that privileged accounts are required to carry out a breach. Put yourself in the hacker’s shoes…need access to a particular network segment or want to change firewall rules to enable external communication?  Want to gain access to the domain controller?  Want to dump the database table to capture a competitors customer list?  Unprotected, unmonitored privileged accounts are the way to go. It’s been reported that 100% of advanced attacks involve stolen credentials. Whenever possible, the attacker goes after the privileged credential, because those are the ones that provide the access they need & the control over the IT infrastructure.  Join Andy Givens of CyberArk to learn how to secure the most travelled cyber attack route – the privileged pathway. Andy will walk through real-life examples where attackers gain complete control of an organization or IT infrastructure – and show how a privilege solution could have prevented the attack.

    Cyber Ark Session

  • Dealing With Destructive Cyber Crime and Ransomware: What’s Your Recovery Strategy? – Jim Shook, Director of Cybersecurity and Compliance Practice for Dell EMC

    Destructive and ransomware cyber-attacks have unfortunately become commonplace. Cyber ransoms paid in 2017 are expected to be $2B (a 100% increase from 2016) and cyber-crime will cost businesses $6 Trillion by 2021. Most organizations have disaster recovery capabilities and cybersecurity defenses – neither of which help after a destructive attack occurs.
    Do you have a cybersecurity recovery strategy? At this session you will learn about:

      • The evolution of cyber threats and ransomware
      • Best practices in cybersecurity focused on recovery capabilities, and how that fits within various regulatory environments
      • How to create and operationalize your recovery plan using various levels, including an isolated recovery strategy


    Dell EMC Session

  • Cisco SD-Access – Next Generation Assurance and Analytics – Scott Hodgdon, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Cisco

    Your business is growing, and your workload along with it. You’ve been told to segment your network to isolate user groups, but don’t have the time to learn MPLS. Audit wants role based access controls, but manually deploying will take more people than you have. Policies are inconsistent between campus, WAN, and branch, and users can’t get their work done. With Cisco SDA, you can beat these challenges – with the staff you already have – and provide your business an infrastructure that is ready for the next set of challenges. In this session, learn how new, next-generation assurance and analytics capabilities will enable an easy, automated way to monitor and troubleshoot your Cisco SDA environment.

    Cisco Session

  • DevOps in the Real World: Automation, CM, and Containers – Rob Libbert, IT Consultant at Sirius

    We rely on packaged solutions in addition to in-house development. We have audit and regulatory requirements.  Failure is not always welcomed even if we “Fail Fast”.  In other words, we’re not all Netflix.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of many of the tools and practices that have matured along with the DevOps movement.  In this session we’ll talk about how to make DevOps work in our world.

    Sirius DevOps Session

  • VMware Workspace ONE Introduction and Overview – Greg Streuber, Senior Infrastructure Services Engineer at Sirius

    This session will provide an introduction and technical overview of the VMware AirWatch and Workspace ONE offerings. The discussion will center around the implementation of the Workspace ONE environment and its integration into VMware AirWatch and customer based on-premises network components. The integration of VMware Identity Manager, VMware AirWatch, and Horizon 7 enables the Workspace ONE platform to deliver the advanced mobility, security, and identity-based management that enterprises need today.

    VMWare Session

  • IBM Hyperconverged Systems, Powered by Nutanix: How Nutanix Works on IBM Hyperconverged Systems – Ben Kreuz, Program Director, AIX/Power Open Source Development at IBM

    Enjoy fresh levels of simplicity in provisioning, managing and running your data center infrastructure. Learn how Nutanix on IBM Hyperconverged Systems converges compute, storage, virtualization and orchestration into standardized building blocks that build a foundation for your private cloud. This infrastructure can start small and then seamlessly grow to handle the most demanding workloads from mid-sized companies to the world’s largest corporations and governmental agencies.

    IBM Power Session

  • NetApp HCI Installation and Setup – Travis Rubida, Senior Storage Engineer at Sirius

    Join us as we perform a NetApp HCI installation.  We will show the steps involved to configure the base hardware and proceed to installation.  We will also discuss the benefits of running NetApp HCI in your datacenter.

    Sirius SDX and TEC Session

11:10 am
11:20 am

Breakout Session Group B

  • Dell EMC HCI As A Foundation For Hybrid Cloud – Dan Mitchell, Consultant Product Manager at Dell EMC

    Demands for IT efficiency and agility are impacting enterprises of all sizes and hybrid cloud is proving to be a great enabler of IT Transformation. Learn how Dell EMC, VMware and Pivotal have come together to build on-premises solutions for cloud on hyper-converged infrastructure, providing ease of deployment, maintenance and scalability to align with critical business needs.  This session will highlight validated cloud designs built on Dell EMC VxRail and VxRack SDDC.

    Dell EMC Session

  • Security – Don’t go to the Cloud Without it and CASB for the Win – Arien Seghetti, Senior Networking Engineer at Sirius

    Cloud adoption continues to grow at a feverish pace with more and more companies embracing a cloud first strategy and leveraging multi-cloud environments including public, private, hybrid, and SaaS providers. With news of cloud data breaches occurring on a regular basis, regulatory requirements, and reputation risk at stake, many organizations are understandably concerned about leveraging the cloud. Security is the top of mind concern that CMOs, CIOs, and CISOs face when talking about the cloud. This session will provide an overview on how to build security into your cloud strategy and the importance of designing security in from the beginning. CASBs are being widely adopted to provide visibility and control of cloud-based services and protection of sensitive data. Security and risk management leaders focused on cloud security architecture should follow best practices learned from early adopters to ensure a successful deployment We’ll also touch on leveraging cloud native security tools vs 3rd party security technologies.

    Sirius Security Session

  • Threat Hunting With Splunk – Andrew D’Auria, Staff Sales Engineer at Splunk

    Your adversaries know the tools and processes you use to defend your network and are adapting their tools and techniques accordingly. You can no longer rely on alerts from point solutions alone to secure your network. To identify and mitigate these advanced threats, analysts must become proactive in identifying indicators, attack patterns, and behavior.In this session, learn how Splunk’s analytics-driven data fabric goes beyond simple information and event management to tackle real-time security monitoring, advanced threat detection, forensics and incident management. With an analytics-driven platform and SIEM you can build a stronger security posture and improve cross-department collaboration.

    Splunk Session

  • Prioritize Endpoint Security – Proactive is Better Than a Call From the FBI – Doug Piner, Architect/Technical Presales at Sirius

    Endpoint security is the front door to your enterprise.  Be proactive on security and understand a multi-layer approach.  Don’t get caught up in the many state and federal reporting laws that must be followed.  Also meet a local FBI agent focused on cybersecurity.

    IBM Security Session

  • Citrix NetScaler – “Full Court Press” Security for your Network – Jacob Rutski, Senior Channel Architect at Citrix

    Citrix NetScaler – “Full Court Press” Security for your Network. Don’t let attackers drive to the hoop for a slam dunk into your organization’s apps, users, data and infrastructure. Join this session and hear how Citrix NetScaler can be your “zone defense” against threats such as web-borne malware, phishing, DDoS, web application attacks and botnets as well as data and identity theft.

    Citrix Session

  • Scale-Out, Not Up: Introducing Commvault HyperScale™ Technology – Matt Jaguillard, Senior Systems Engineer at Commvault

    Is your organization struggling with inefficiencies from an outdated, scale-up approach to managing and protecting data? The need for a fully integrated data protection appliance to deliver greater availability and scalable services for on-premises applications and data is becoming a necessity. Join us as we discuss the benefits of a scale-out infrastructure and how the launch of Commvault HyperScale™ Appliance and Commvault HyperScale™ Software address the shift enterprises are making towards secondary storage as a means to drive key business and IT transformation initiatives. In this presentation, you will learn:

    • Scale-out vs. scale-up infrastructures
    • How to leverage a scale-out infrastructure
    • How you can save time and drive greater value with an integrated data protection appliance How Commvault HyperScale™ Appliance tightly integrates compute, storage, full lifecycle data protection and analytics into a single platform

It’s time for a fresh approach to solving data management challenges. Register today and learn how you can achieve IT agility through a scale-out infrastructure.

  • Commvault Session
  • Ransomware Jail – How to Make Bail? (Asking for a friend.) – Andrew Miller, Technical Marketing Manager at Rubrik, Inc.

    Ransomware continues to be a top threat for tech users. ZDNET estimated the cost to IT at $1B in 2016 with 2017 dramatically increasing. This pressure has put IT departments on the front line of defense–but how can you prepare for this type of attack? Are solutions even possible given your current budget and IT staff? Join this session, led by Rubrik’s Andrew Miller (7 x vExpert), to learn about these topics and more: 1) Threat: Concerns that IT departments are facing. We’ll stay away from FUD, but life is sometimes scary.2) Theory: Nowadays, everyone has backups. So why are people still paying ransoms? (Clue: Complexity) 3) Solutions: Yes, you can do more than just have a current resume if hit by ransomware. We’ll explore what you can do in this event, along with other unexpected benefits.Finally, hear the real-world story of how Langs Building Supply thwarted a major attack using Rubrik Cloud Data Management.

    Rubrik Session

  • How APIs Will Be Leveraged by Successful Businesses and How to Turbo Boost Your API Strategy – Jogeswar Challapalli, Solutions Architect at Sirius

    You’ve heard APIs are an (re)emerging way to get new value from your data and application resources. Learn how API connectivity translates to business value and why managing those APIs is essential from day one.  Join Sirius for an overview of the business use of cloud APIs, along with an overview of cloud-based software solutions.

    Key takeaways:

    • The business value of APIs – why they aren’t just an IT concern
    • How to leverage and manage APIs on prem, in the cloud or hybrid cloud
    • Why insights into APIs could have the largest impact on your organization’s API program
    • How to securely expose enterprise services via APIs to new mobile, IoT, and web applications
    • How Sirius can help you create automated APIs in minutes through a quick demo
    • Why you should be using APIs to capture new revenue sources


    Sirius Business Agility Cloud Session

  • VMware Cloud: Application Delivery & Management in the Cloud Era – Samir Kadoo, Partner Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services

    Applications are driving much of the direction and strategy for organizations today.  Private Cloud. Public Cloud. Hybrid Cloud.  The new normal is a combination of thee clouds. VMware is embracing this reality and delivering products, services and solutions that help you take control of, simplify and accelerate your cloud delivery strategy.  In this session, learn how VMware provides the flexibility to develop any application, deploy to any cloud, and deliver to any device utilizing a consistent infrastructure and consistent operations in a multi-cloud environment.  Additionally, hear how VMware Cloud on AWS enables consistent and efficient management, transport and access to applications as they move between cloud environments.  You will also learn how utilizing VMware on AWS provides other key services inducing new application development activities, disaster recovery and backup, geo expansion, burst capacity and data center consolidation/migration giving the best of public and private cloud.

    VMWare Cloud Session

  • Architecting the Next Generation Data Center Network – Jon Rudol, Network Solution Architect at Sirius and Clarence Parker, Master Network Consultant at Sirius

    Using real world examples, this session discusses current technologies, industry trends and challenges facing network architects and engineers when building next generation data center networks. Modern data center workloads are shifting rapidly and the infrastructure required to support these changes has to be both scalable and reliable. Current business needs and technologies that impact network design will be reviewed including virtualization, hyper convergence, containerization, segmentation and disaster recovery, and how each of these impact the network architecture and what approaches can be used to solve these. Examples will be shown of how a hybrid approach must be used to connect multiple private and public data centers as more customer’s shift workloads to the public cloud. A walk through of Sirius’ approach to gathering business and technical requirements and architecting the network to support these requirements will be the first step for our customer’s move to a next generation data center.

    Sirius Networking Session

  • Coffee with Cloud Consultants – Learn and Interact with us as we deconstruct the Madness behind the Sirius Coffee Company’s Cloud Infrastructure – Martin Valencia, Infrastructure Services Architecture at Sirius

    Join us for this interactive session where we peel back the layers of the Sirius Coffee Company’s (SCCo) NextGen application and how they achieve innovation in the cloud. Sirius cloud engineers will provide an overview of SCCo’s cloud platform and the engineering considerations and tradeoffs made to build a robust and reliable solution. While the main presentation will be focused on the SCCo environment, Sirius Cloud evangelists will be available in the back of the room to discuss more individualized cloud challenges.

    Sirius SDX and TEC Demos

12:00 pm

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12:35 pm

Lunch Keynote:

Chris Mierzwa, CTO, Sirius

1:15 pm

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2:00 pm

Breakout Session Group C

  • AWS for VMware Administrators – Bill Gurling, Senior Converged Infrastructure Architect at Sirius

    Join AWS and VMware certified Solutions Architect Bill Gurling for a reboot of Alex Galbraith and Chris Porter’s hit VMUG presentation where we will explore the foundations of AWS IaaS and PaaS leveraging concepts familiar to VMware administrators.

    Sirius Cloud Session

  • How to Free my Data From Being Held Hostage in the Public Cloud – Jerimiah Cox, Cloud Solutions Architect at NetApp

    Most organizations have invested in the private or public cloud but now find themselves wanting to move from one strategy to another, based on business needs. IT managers, however, don’t want to sacrifice the critical business requirements of capability, agility, cost-effectiveness and performance. Learn how NetApp’s Data Fabric can enable you to move data, where you need it, while staying in control.

    NetApp Session

  • Enabling Cloud Security With Palo Alto Networks – Tom Mehok, System Engineer at Palo Alto Networks

    As organizations look to offload more and more applications to the cloud, security posture needs to remain a chief concern for the IT teams protecting these workloads. The “Shared Responsibility Model” employed by hosting services like AWS® and Azure® dictates that while the host is responsible for the security OF the cloud, customers are responsible for the security of their data IN the cloud. Palo Alto Networks® helps customers achieve this security through a platform designed to safely enable widely distributed enterprise workloads.  We will discuss: -The security issues to consider when developing a cloud strategy. – How to use the Palo Alto Networks platform to achieve security policy parity across your on-premise, private and public cloud environments.- Governing SaaS application usage and protecting your data within sanctioned applications.

    Palo Alto Session

  • Microsoft 365 – A Universal Toolkit Built for Teamwork – Matt Clippinger, Microsoft Cloud Program Manager for Sirius

    Are you struggling with sharing and discovering information inside and outside your organization? Has shadow IT exposed you to security and compliance risks?  Are your information worker teams duplicating efforts because of siloed efforts?  Come learn about how Microsoft 365 can address some of these key concerns and reduce the collaboration friction inside your company with a seamless experience for your information workers; while improving your security posture and manageability for your IT staff.

    Sirius Cloud Session

  • Security Management – how to get out of the day to day struggle – Craig Hurley, Sirius Managed Services

    Security threats are increasing and you can’t find the right talent.  As you leverage the cloud it will get even more complicated. In this session you will learn how Sirius’ Managed Security Services can help secure your environment both on premise and in the cloud.  We will explore solutions such as firewall management, SIEM as a service, and application security.

    Sirius Security Managed Services Session

  • The Connected Customer: Why You Must Transform to Thrive in the Digital Economy – Will Mondschein Director at FiveOut, a Sirius Company and Rick Helmick, Senior Practice Manager at FiveOut, a Sirius Company

    Society has evolved to one of complete digital intolerance. The only thing higher than expectations are the stakes. Learn the best practices around defining a digital strategy and design that best suits your organization and those that consume your digital presence.

    Sirius Digital Transformation Session

  • Do Your Data & Analytics Platforms Need Modernizing?– Joe Grant Bluechel, Sirius

    Companies have been utilizing analytics platforms to make data driven decisions for years.  Recent trends show the need to handle more complex usage and provide business agility.  Learn how organizations are leveraging the cloud, open source, self-service, and emerging technologies and architecture to turn data into insight and build a competitive advantage.

    Sirius Big Data and Analytics Session

  • The Pure Data Cloud – Randal Davis, System Engineer at Pure Storage

    As Atul Butte, a researcher in biomedical informatics and biotechnology entrepreneur, once said…“Hiding within those mounds of data is knowledge that could change the life of a patient, or change the world.”  Let’s embrace the notion that data moves us, as a society, forward. Information fuels the decisions we make every minute, every hour, and every day both in our personal and professional lives. We depend on data to move us along. And as the world advances, this dependency has become increasingly complex. The goal of the Data Cloud is to deliver the elastic, software-defined data services that your applications expect, scalable block, file, and object storage services, to help harness the power of your data.  We will discuss how the Pure Storage Data Cloud can help you become a data hero to your organization.

    Pure Storage Session

  • Aligning DRaaS With Your Cloud Journey – Marc Langer, President at Recovery Point

    As the rise of the cloud reshapes the traditional approaches to Disaster Recovery, learn the importance of: a. Partnering with a DRaaS vendor positioned to survive the coming industry consolidation. b. Aligning your approach to DRaaS with your public cloud strategy. c. Evolving DRaaS to fully managed application recovery.

    Recovery Point Session

  • Why Service Management is Making a Comeback – Kathy Cluff, IT Consultant at Sirius Computer Solutions

    More and more IT departments are realizing a renewed importance around Service Management fundamentals… the Service Catalog, Service Levels, CMDB and application dependencies play a key role when it comes to migrating workloads to the cloud, providing a great customer experience, or just plain staying relevant to the business.  In this breakout we’ll talk about tools and practices within ITSM that can help you reach your goals.

    Sirius Service Management Session

2:40 pm
2:50 pm

Breakout Session Group D – Booth Breakdown for Partners

  • Does Jimmy Fallon Suck? Getting Started With Your App, From Idea to Implementation – Martin Valencia, Infrastructure Services Architecture at Sirius

    The best way to learn to swim isn’t always getting your feet wet, sometimes it’s diving right in. Dive into the deep end with us as we dissect the architecture of the satirical application. This simple voting application demonstrates how easily you can go from “Idea-to-Implementation” with zero infrastructure investment, and get started building really exciting global apps today. This presentation will cover our use of:

    • S3 – Simple Storage Service
    • DynamoDB – NoSQL Database Backend
    • Lambda – Serverless code
    • API Gateway – Building a simple serverless API to communicate with various AWS Services
    • AWS CodeCommit – Private Code Storage

    After a quick primer to the services, we’ll break down the architecture of One primary factor in our architecture design was balancing capability and cost which influenced some of the decision points that impacted the site’s various capabilities.

    Audience: Cloud enthusiasts, micro service geeks, cloud developers and admins, professional air guitarists

    Sirius Cloud Session

  • Betting on the Right Cloud – Sam Newnam, SE Manager at Nutanix

    Join Nutanix’s Sam Newnam and learn how Nutanix has changed the way the industry views infrastructure:1) Easily deploy and manage an enterprise cloud solution.2)Reduce Opex and increase your ability to scale. 3)Open integration with countless cloud and alliance partners. Join us on 3/15 at 2:50pm or 3:40pm to ensure you walk away a winner.

    Nutanix Session

  • Fastbreak your Journey to the Cloud with Citrix Cloud Services – Erick Stein, Citrix

    Join this session and hear how you can easily deliver the Citrix portfolio of products as a service. Whether you are a rookie in your cloud journey or an All Star, Citrix Cloud services simplify the delivery and management of Citrix technologies extending existing on-premises software deployments and creating hybrid workspace services.

    Citrix Session

  • Simplify Your Life and Your Data with Software Defined Storage – Greg Tevis, Storage Management Technical Strategist at IBM

    The hot solution areas of Big Data/Analytics, Security, and Mobile require massive amounts of data and storage to intelligently manage that data.   IBM Spectrum Software Defined Storage can help you enhance, protect, and simplify management of that data for solutions deployed in Healthcare, Finance, Retail, Distribution and Communications.

    IBM Session

  • Detect and Stop Threats Better With Cisco Security – Byron Mulhall, Security Parnter Account Manager at Cisco

    Are you overwhelmed with security administration tasks? Spending countless hours configuring devices, manually correlating events, and trying to squeeze in incident response between staff meetings? Let Cisco show you a better way, with smart security technologies that communicate with each other – sharing threat intelligence automatically to provide context and block security threats even faster. Even if you aren’t using exclusively Cisco products, Cisco’s open automation & communications capability can integrate your security products, simplify your daily work, and create a more effective security stance for your company.

    Cisco Session

  • Why you need to leverage a Next Gen Managed Service Provider – David Carlson, Vice President, Sirius Managed Services

    In this session you will learn how Sirius Managed Services can help you accelerate your shift to a high-performing and secure digital business by serving as the single provider of solutions and talent for IT application transformation, engineering and operations.  From Colocation to Backup as a Service to Managed Cloud, Sirius Managed Services can help you evolve and scale your IT to deliver services to the business faster, better and more cost-effectively

    Sirius Managed Serives Session

  • Anecdotes from the trenches: Developing a Multi-cloud Strategy – Bobby Allen, CTO CloudGenera

    Join us as we discuss how to select which applications fit best where in a multi-cloud world.  Is Public cloud always cheaper?  Is Private Cloud always more secure? What other factors should I consider besides cost when deciding where and how to deploy applications?

    Sirius Cloud Session

  • The Hidden Secrets of Successful Innovation – Greg Peters, Lead Solutions Specialist at Sirius

    In today’s world, many organizations lack knowledge in producing innovation at lightning speed. Whether you’re buying or building new products, there’s a process that underpins it all. In this session, you’ll learn 4 key principles that drive innovation success that works in any industry.

    Sirius Business Agility Session

  • Dealing With Destructive Cyber Crime and Ransomware: What’s Your Recovery Strategy? – Jim Shook, Director of Cybersecurity and Compliance Practice for Dell EMC

    Destructive and ransomware cyber-attacks have unfortunately become commonplace. Cyber ransoms paid in 2017 are expected to be $2B (a 100% increase from 2016) and cyber-crime will cost businesses $6 Trillion by 2021. Most organizations have disaster recovery capabilities and cybersecurity defenses – neither of which help after a destructive attack occurs.
    Do you have a cybersecurity recovery strategy? At this session you will learn about:

      • The evolution of cyber threats and ransomware
      • Best practices in cybersecurity focused on recovery capabilities, and how that fits within various regulatory environments
      • How to create and operationalize your recovery plan using various levels, including an isolated recovery strategy


    Dell EMC Session

  • Data Protection in Microsoft Azure Cloud – David Chandler, Converged Infrastructure Architecture atSirius

    Regardless of whether your data is in your data center or in the cloud, protecting that data is an important aspect of any business, and moving to the cloud doesn’t relinquish that responsibility.  In this session we’ll cover data protection, backup and recovery, replication, and redundant storage technologies within the Azure platform.

    Sirius Cloud Session

  • UCS Director and Cloud Center Demo – Nathan Johnson, Principal Network Architect at Sirius  and Travis Rubida, Senior Storage Engineer at Sirius

    Join us as we demonstrate how to automate infrastructure tasks with UCS director.  We will also show you how to give your customers a self-service portal with Cisco Cloud Center.  We will have Cloud Center spin up resources for us in AWS and our on-prem datacenter.

    Sirius SDX and TEC Demos

3:30 pm
3:40 pm

Breakout Session Group E

  • Cloudy MS SQL: How Can Azure and AWS Help You? – Kyle Quinby, Senior Infrastructure Services Engineer at Sirius

    This session will be focusing on Microsoft SQL Server and taking it into the cloud. We will be addressing questions such as what are the differences between IaaS and SQL-as-a-service offerings on both platforms and when should I choose one over another? How can I take my existing database workloads and start testing in the cloud without impact to production? How can I move to the cloud with minimal downtime? What benefits can the cloud have to scalability and reliability for my database platform? How can the cloud become a low-cost disaster recovery option for a database administrator? We will cover these items and many more as we take a look at “the cloud” from the perspective of a database administrator or developer of a multi-tier application.

    Sirius Cloud Session

  • Betting on the Right Cloud – Sam Newnam, SE Manager at Nutanix

    Join Nutanix’s Sam Newnam and learn how Nutanix has changed the way the industry views infrastructure:1) Easily deploy and manage an enterprise cloud solution.2)Reduce Opex and increase your ability to scale. 3)Open integration with countless cloud and alliance partners. Join us on 3/15 at 2:50pm or 3:40pm to ensure you walk away a winner.

    Nutanix Session

  • Future-Proof Your Business With IoT – Jill  Klein, IT Consultant at Sirius

    Want to be the IT Hero in your organization?  Looking for a new reason to ask for a raise?  Lead the charge on re-inventing and future proofing your business with IoT.  Learn how to bridge the gap between IT and OT in order to build an IoT solution that benefits multiple organizations in your business and creates potential new revenue streams with your customers.  The session also includes a hand-out of all of our IoT partners, solutions, and portfolio of connected product sets.

    Sirius IoT Session

  • Upgrading Your Data Protection Program to Prepare for GDPR – David Tyree, Principal Consultant II at Sirius

    Waves of new legislation like GDPR and NYDFS are requiring that organizations do a better job protecting data and privacy rights.  Because regulators now have new enforcement capabilities and can dish out potentially large fines, sitting on the sidelines and hoping it doesn’t impact you is a bad strategy.  We will walk through key business impacts resulting from GDPR and some recommendations on how to address them.  We can show you why a solid data protection program is essential to GDPR compliance, and how Sirius can help you define your strategy, build and execute your program.

    Sirius Security Session

  • Serverless Paradigm Shift: Change the Way You Build and Operate Software – Mike Deck, AWS

    Building and running enterprise IT systems using traditional architectures requires a lot of resources to be spent provisioning, patching, securing, scaling, and maintaining servers. None of these activities add value to your business or delight your customers. In this session we’ll see how serverless computing is changing the model companies use to build and operate software and how it can help you shift your focus away from the undifferentiated heavy lifting of managing servers to the activities that provide real value to your business.

    AWS Session

  • Business Continuity: Program Methodology Discussion – Ernie Gubbles, Senior Solutions Architect at Sirius

    According to a recent survey, 40% of companies do not have well documented disaster recovery plans and more than 25% of those who do have plans admit to rarely or never testing those plans. Unplanned crises do not discriminate with regards to an organization’s size or industry thus, all organizations should be prepared to react in the event of a crisis incident. Does your organization have up-to-date and exercised plans for how to respond in the event of a business and/or IT interrupting incident?

    This interactive session will explore a multi-tiered methodology, that utilizes the National Incident Management System’s – Incident Command System, for Emergency Action Planning, Business Continuity, IT-Disaster Recovery incident response.

    Business Continuity Session

  • Leveraging Sirius’ Aggregation Services to Help Solve Business Challenges – Tim Flynn Director, Aggregation Services at Sirius

    This breakout session will show how our clients are successfully leveraging Aggregation Services to address strategic business initiatives.

    Sirius Managed Services

  • Gen V Security: Are You Protected? – Tony Saba, North American Director of Channel Security Engineering at Check Point Software

    2017 was a tipping point for cybersecurity. This presentation covers Check Point’s view of where we are and where we need to be.

    Check Point Session

  • Panel Discussion: Real World Sirius Mobility Solutions That Delivered Successful Business Outcomes – Jim Ryland, EUC Architect at Sirius

    This panel features Sirius engineers along with our customers discussing technologies from Citrix and VMware and how Sirius services team delivered successful mobility solutions. Sirius’s consulting team leverages a proven methodology that focuses initially on data gathering and analysis to correctly design end user computing solutions to meet each customer’s unique goals. Identifying individual use cases to determine the distribution method that fits their individual needs, and requirements. This methodology, along with great engineering talent, has led the team to many successful Citrix and VMware deployments. As part of this discussion, Sirius engineers will sit down with our customers to discuss the deployment process and how these solutions have impacted their business.

    Sirius Mobility Session

4:30 pm

Prizes and Thank You

St. Patricks Day Happy Hour

6:00 pm

That’s a Wrap!