2019 Sirius Madness Agenda

We are still finalizing the agenda. Please check back for updates.

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Keynote: Chris Mierzwa

Charlotte Ballroom

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Breakout Session Group A

  • Cloud Migrations: From Re-Hosting to Re-Platforming, Picking the Correct Workloads and Migration Methodologies for Your Cloud Journey

    Brandon Hyde and Josh Coen, Sirius | Cloud
    Dipping your proverbial toe into public cloud can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! In this session, we will review industry best practices and real-world examples for selecting and architecting successful cloud migrations. You’ll also get an in depth look at how to select workloads, choose the best public cloud provider for that particular workload, and understanding IaaS and PaaS. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how it all plays into the migration method. We will then review native and third-party tools and methods to complete the migrations.Charlotte Ballroom G

  • Digitally Dominating Your Markets Securely In this Public Cloud Era

    Darrin Nelson, Sirius | BI
    In today’s competitive market digital excellence has become an imperative. This session will cover the best practices Sirius clients are using to digitally dominate their markets leveraging solutions such as Adobe, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Splunk, QRadar, Snowflake, IOT, Azure, and AWS.Charlotte Ballroom H

  • An Architect’s Guide to EUC

    Jim Ryland, Sirius | IT Strategy
    Sirius EUC will discuss the strategic and technical challenges that customers are facing when migrating to Windows 10.This session highlights how solutions from Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft address these very challenges, with virtualization and modern management.
    Independence Square

  • Effective IAM: Moving from identity chaos to identity mastery

    Thad Smith, Sirius | Security
    Identity management continues to be a major shortcoming of most security programs, despite 20+ years of technical advancements. In this session, you’ll learn simple and effective techniques for creating an effective Identity and Access Management program that increases security and lowers operational costs.1st Ward

  • Cyber Security for 2020

    Tony Sabaj, Checkpoint
    2018 brought new challenges for our industry and new accomplishments for Check Point. While there has been great progress, the need for better security with scalability and manageability will inevitably lead to consolidated solutions which can provide seamless prevention.2nd Ward

  • How Can Sirius Managed Services Help Your Cloud Journey?

    David Carlson, Sirius | SMS
    As you continue to transition workloads to cloud based platforms and execute your “cloud-first” strategy, you’ll need to look for a vendor that can help you navigate the process from application assessment, migration, operations/management, and most importantly, securing their data. Sirius Managed Services is a market leading MSP with a complete ITIL based service portfolio that can assist clients across this spectrum and enable IT to deliver more value back to the business. Attend this session for an inside look.4th Ward

  • Cisco Tetration: Enable Zero-Trust Now!

    Nathan Johnson, Sirius | TEC / SDX
    Cisco Tetration is now consumable in three different offerings – rack-based, virtualized or SaaS. These offerings are allowing a more customer to adopt this excellent zero-trust model using segmentation. Come learn how Tetration’s infrastructure-agnostic approach supports on-prem and public cloud workloads.TEC Hub

11:10 am
11:20 am

Breakout Session Group B

  • Nutanix Form: 1 on 1 to Full-Court Press

    Sam Newnam, Nutanix
    Living in data center madness? Find out why Nutanix is your best bet for your offensive and defensive cloud strategy. Nutanix delivers solutions to elevate IT to focus on the applications and services that power business no matter where they live. Let Nutanix help ensure you are hitting nothing but net in 2019.Charlotte Ballroom F

  • Where do I store my most valuable asset… Data?

    Darren Gourley, Sirius | IT Strategy
    This is a panel discussion with a specific focus on where to store, protect, and analyze your data. While In the cloud, on-premise, and/or hosted facility are all valid options, this discussion will explore technical and business factors that may effect the locality and type of data. Our panel will also share specific use cases to help with your corporate strategy.Charlotte Ballroom H

  • Taking Security Visibility Beyond SIEM: Data Analytics and Security Automation

    Chris Hoke, Sirius | Security
    This session will highlight the journey from the SIEM you have to the visibility you need. We’ll talk about the value of different types of source data (logs, user, network, etc). In addition, we’ll discuss the maturity required to successfully “automate and orchestrate” and how to move towards focused use cases and effective log strategy.Independence Square

  • Security and Containers: What they Don’t Tell You and What You Need to Know

    Rob Libbert, Sirius | ITC
    Implementing a CaaS solution securely is not a intuitive – here’s what you need to know before you design your Containerization solution.1st Ward

  • From Downtown… AI/ML/DL is on the board and changing the game!

    Dave Arnette, NetApp
    Ever wondered what AI means in your industry and how companies take advantage of deep learning and their data to create new and disruptive business opportunities? Join us for an in-depth session on applications of AI and deep learning for the enterprise, with use case examples across healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, banking and retail. This one will be a slam dunk!3rd Ward

  • Security Best Practices for Common Cloud Infrastructures

    Tom Mehok, Palo Alto Networks
    Getting the public cloud architecture “right” is a critical step in your digital transformation. The challenge some organizations face is the architecture development process overshadows or minimizes the security best practices conversation. In this session, Palo Alto Networks will walk through security best practices for common cloud architectures. As your teammate in the cloud security space, we will describe how to transform your security strategy for IT, DevOps and compliance teams so you can embrace the cloud securely.4th Ward

  • Capabilities and Benefits of SD-WAN

    Andrew Petro, Sirius | TEC / SDX
    In this session, you will learn about what SD-WAN is, the capabilities supported by SD-WAN solutions, how SD-WAN can help solve challenges and shortcomings of traditional routing infrastructure. Attend our session to discover how SD-WAN can help simplify configuration, control, and visibility into your WAN environment.TEC Hub

12:00 pm

Grab Lunch and Have a Seat – Lunch Sponsored by Dell EMC

12:35 pm

Lunch Keynote: Michael Conley

Charlotte Ballroom A-E

1:15 pm

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2:00 pm

Breakout Session Group C

    • The Ultimate How-To Guide: Matching Your Backup & Recovery Needs With The Right Vendors

      Michael Stempf, Sirius | IT Strategy
      The Sirius BCRS (Business Continuity / Recovery Services) team has designed a way to easily determine which products most match your needs and wants. This session features a demo of the BCRS ScoreCard to show how easy it can be. You’ll get a an exclusive look at how well the products actually perform their functions and WhiteBook results for each BCRS product. Charlotte Ballroom G

    • Managed Databases in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services

      Jason Schamp & Kyle Quinby, Sirius | Cloud
      This session will take a look at the various managed relational database services from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. We’ll dive into exactly what the services are, why you might want to use such a service versus running a database yourself on IaaS, some of the supported engines and versions, licensing costs, migration to cloud processes for databases, limitations, Big Data options, more. After this session, you’ll be able to compare and contrast the services offered by both cloud providers and help to consult customers to make an informed decision on whether managed relational DBs make sense for a given use case.Charlotte Ballroom H

    • Driving Cost Savings through Sirius Aggregation Services

      Tim Flynn, Sirius | SMS
      Carriers consistently overcharge company’s services, yet a majority of time the errors go un-noticed. Learn about common issues that we are uncovering for our clients during Sirius connectivity audits.Independence Square

    • Realistic and Effective Security Controls for The Cloud

      Matt Sickles, Sirius | Security
      Using controls that are available through standard offerings is imperative when moving workloads to a cloud-based environment. In this discussion, we’ll focus on the use of existing controls, policies, and standards to achieve a protected-state.1st Ward

    • Is Hybrid Cloud just a trendy phrase? Not when Sirius brings Microsoft Azure to customers!

      Karl Rautenstrauch, Microsoft
      The last few years have generated a lot of clickbait articles focused on Hybrid Cloud. Is there more to this than marketecture? Can you build a hybrid cloud? How do you do it? Should you? This session will walk you through the why and how and give you an opportunity to ask your tough questions.3rd Ward

2:50 pm
3:00 pm

Breakout Session Group D – Booth Breakdown for Partners

  • Digitally Dominating Your Markets Securely In this Public Cloud Era

    Darrin Nelson, Sirius | BI
    In today’s competitive market, digital excellence has become an imperative. This session will cover the best practices Sirius clients are using to digitally dominate their markets leveraging solutions such as Adobe, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Splunk, QRadar, Snowflake, IOT, Azure, and AWS.Charlotte Ballroom H

  • To Segment or Not To Segment

    Eric Wolfe & Jose Ferreira, Sirius | Security
    Many organizations focus on securing their perimeter and have very little visibility and controls within their internal networks. This allows threat actors to laterally move across and access internal systems after the initial breach with minimal limitations; accessing and exfiltrating data, on average for months, before detection. Network Segmentation conceptually allows organizations to identify and separate networks and systems to allow security controls to restrict access and provide visibility and prevention of malicious activity. But it sounds too easy to be true. Attend this session to learn best practices and pitfalls to be aware of as you consider a network segmentation project.Independence Square

  • Operating In a Multi-Cloud World: VMware Cloud On AWS

    Chris Willingham, VMware
    Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud. With so many messages around cloud, building the right cloud strategy can be a daunting task. In this technical session come hear how VMware and AWS have created a hybrid cloud solution that allows you to simply extend your software defined data center out to the public cloud. You will learn how you can run workloads anywhere, review configurations, connectivity and migration options, disaster recovery, and management tools.2nd Ward

  • The Workspace for Everyone! Securely Delivering Your Apps from any Cloud, from Anywhere!

    Geremy Meyers, Citrix
    The Citrix Intelligent Workspace approach allows organizations to provide secure access to any combination of applications and content that their business requires, regardless of where they reside or which infrastructure is used to deliver them, private or public. This approach opens up new use cases in any organization and provides flexibility without compromising security or performance.3rd Ward

  • Data Protection in the Cloud Era

    Jason Nash and Bill Gurling, Rubrik
    Public Cloud has revolutionized the way we provision, manage, and consume IT infrastructure and services. Join Jason Nash and Bill Gurling for a session that covers the impact of these trends on data protection and explore ways you can leverage modern data protection solutions to transform your backups into an engine to drive your business forward. Topics covered include data protection as an engine for cloud migration, protecting hybrid cloud workloads, data protection and infrastructure as code, protecting SaaS Solutions, leveraging data protection assets to combat ransomware, and more.4th Ward

  • Hyperconverged Continued Dominance

    Travis Rubida, Sirius | TEC / SDX
    Compare and contrast hyperconverged technologies from these three vendors: NetApp, Cisco, and Nutanix. We will walk through the pros and cons of all three solutions and discuss where each excels.TEC Hub

3:30 pm
3:40 pm

Breakout Session Group E

    • Replacing Security Alert Fatigue with a Risk-Based Approach

      Andrew D’Auria, Splunk
      Learn how to migrate your SOC to risk-based alerting in order to extinguish alert fatigue while providing a quantifiable increase in SOC effectiveness.Charlotte Ballroom F

    • How Can You Get Real Value Out of an ITSM Platform?

      Kathy Cluff, Sirius | Sirius | ITC
      Wondering how to get real value out of an ITSM platform? An IT service management (ITSM) tool implementation can be complicated, requiring decisions around configurations, data, forms, fields, workflows and integration with other tools. In fact, the way the tool is implemented can be just as important as selecting the right tool. Attend this session to gain more insight into this useful tool. Charlotte Ballroom G

    • Cloud Connectivity: Building scalable robust networks for Hybrid Cloud

      James Milne, Sirius | Cloud
      Adding cloud to your datacenter strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Come learn how to add AWS Cloud to your existing network easily and securely. We will touch on AWS Direct Connect, VPN, best practice VPC design, Transit gateway, Transit VPC design with both BGP and static route methods.Charlotte Ballroom H

    • Inspiring Insights that Drive Successful Business Outcomes

      Scott Davis, Hitachi Vantara
      The key to new revenue streams, better customer experiences and lower business costs is in your data. Hitachi Vantara merges operational and informational experience to elevate your innovation advantage in data and deliver meaningful outcomes. Learn about Hitachi Vantara’s innovative solutions in data intelligence, IoT and overall data management that will make any space smart. We’re changing the way the world works, come and see.Independence Square

    • Automating Application Security in the Cloud

      Leif Rasmussen, F5
      Let F5 show you how you can define application security, BOT protection and L7 DoS protection automatically in the cloud (and in the data center) with BIG-IP Cloud Edition or BIG-IQ. Make the most out of your cloud services budget by preventing L7 attacks that drive up your cloud networking and CPU costs. All this, and you can give your DevOps and application teams self-service capabilities to deploy their applications with the L4-7 services they need and the analytical information they desire to determine how the application is performing, without sacrificing security.1st Ward

    • Where the Cloud Can Be Leveraged for Transforming Your Data Protection Strategy

      Don Foster, Commvault
      As organizations focus on their differentiators in today’s business environment, they are increasingly looking for ways to gain efficiencies while directing their development and operational resources to core competencies. The benefits gained by leveraging the cloud for both data backup and disaster recovery as part of a fully managed service have never been greater. Many businesses have been getting ready to transform their operational activities while having a keen eye on the next generation data protection capabilities to appropriately align the business requirements.
      By using a public cloud, organizations can subscribe to these services in an “on-demand” manner and can scale up or scale down as necessary. Join this session to hear more about how organizations of all sizes can leverage a service provider to help architect, implement and manage a data protection and disaster recovery plan that reduces costs while increasing availability and meeting compliance.2nd Ward

    • My Boss Said “Get to the Cloud,” But How Do I Get There and How Do I Take Advantages of Its Value

      Mor Cohen-Tal, Turbonomic
      Digital transformation and a rush to the cloud are placing enterprise IT teams under tremendous pressure. While cloud addresses an old pain point – that infrastructure supply is static while application demand is fluid – actually matching this demand with supply in real-time requires more decisions than any human being can make. Hybrid-cloud estates are unbelievably complex. There are 1.7 million configuration options for EC2 instances alone, 90 additional services available in AWS, and similar numbers in Azure. This is simply too much complexity for the average IT team to manage, and as a result many organizations that kicked off digital transformation initiatives with high hopes end up watching innovation grind to a halt while the IT team struggles just to keep the lights on. Cloud platforms enable elasticity and increase an organization’s ability to be agile, but how do you truly take advantage of these without drowning in overwhelming cloud bills?3rd Ward

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