2020 Agenda

We are still finalizing the agenda. Please check back for updates.


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Keynote: Mady Mantha, Artificial Intelligence Platform Leader

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10:55 am

Breakout Session Group A

    • Automating Along the IRIS on Linux Journey

      Josh Peacock, Healthcare Solutions Advisor | Sirius
      Join us for a demonstration using Ansible to automate system configuration and management of Red Hat for an Epic ODB environment. We’ll discuss how to take advantage of the Cachè to IRIS shift to re-platform and realize day-two operational efficiency. During the demonstration, there will be an open discussion and experiences will be shared by customers that have already transitioned to Red Hat.Junior Ballroom A1

    • Replace Distraction with Action – Welcome to Citrix Workspace Intelligence!

      Ben Rogers, Sales Engineer | Citrix
      The average employee wastes 20% of their time looking for the right resources to do their job. Citrix Workspace Intelligence boosts employee productivity, ultimately driving greater business outcomes. Learn how Citrix is continuing to change the workspace by securely delivering business-critical resources in a seamless, secure manner.
      Junior Ballroom A2

    • Invent With Purpose on Azure

      Matt Clippinger, Cloud Program Manager | Sirius
      Cal Scantlan, Director | Microsoft
      Microsoft Azure gives you the freedom to build, manage and deploy cloud native and hybrid applications on a massive, global cloud using your favorite tools and frameworks. Digital transformation is a journey. Come learn how Azure enables you to begin the journey on your terms.
      Junior Ballroom A3

    • Win the Collaboration Battle with a Modern Workplace

      Michael Sieber, Senior Director, Digital Solutions | Sirius
      In today’s modern workplace, teams are more diverse and often spread across various locations and time zones due to the rise of the remote worker and flexible workweek. While these perks are great, they can make it difficult to efficiently collaborate. In the end, it’s about coordination between departments and trust among your people. Every person needs to feel empowered, and an enterprise-wide modern workplace strategy and digital platform capable of driving adoption and cultural change can help.
      Junior Ballroom D1

    • Application Acceleration in a VMware Environment

      Chris Gebhardt, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer | NetApp
      While virtualization is key to the best overall usage of compute resources, some believe that virtualization and application performance can’t co-exist. We’ll start with how NetApp high-performance flash systems (including NVMe-oF) address the application need for speed, then review performance best practices for using these systems with VMware vSphere. Then we’ll look at using NetApp MAX Data to accelerate the performance of application servers. If application performance and data resiliency are what you need, MAX Data in combination with VMware vSphere and Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory (DCPMM) may be able to help! We’ll cover how to properly architect your VMware environment to gain the performance benefits of MAX Data while providing the availability and data protection your VMs require.Junior Ballroom D2

    • Practical Security for the Cloud

      Matt Sickles, Director of Security Solutions | Sirius
      Facing the challenges–and promises–is difficult when looking at a seemingly endless list of security solutions. In this session, we will focus on how you can plan, design and build strategic components of a secure cloud environment.

      Our focus will be on utilizing the core components of the cloud-based platforms to achieve a known good minimum viable security framework, using real-world use-cases of how this has been successfully implemented in small-, medium-, and large-scale environments.
      Junior Ballroom D3

    • SASE: The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud

      Marco Martinez, Sales Specialist, Prisma Access | Palo Alto Networks
      Organizations need a way to secure digital business transformation and innovation, no matter where users, applications or data happen to be located. In this session, you will learn about Secure Access Service Edge and how Palo Alto Networks can deliver protection around the world from the cloud. You’ll also learn how to gain the benefits of: reducing capital costs, speeding up deployment time, and reducing the time to protection by eliminating the need to set up the typical infrastructure normally associated with security and networking.
      Meeting Room 2

11:35 am

Lunch – Sponsored by Nutanix

Grand Ballroom

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12:30 pm

Breakout Session Group B

    • Take It to the Net with Nutanix

      Sam Newnam, Systems Engineering Director, Americas GTM | Nutanix
      Looking for a slam dunk for your IT team? Free yourself from the complexity and cost of legacy IT and embrace the power of cloud. Come hear how Nutanix solutions can assist your IT operations, data center, storage, development and multi-cloud management needs, all while offering flexibility and security. Let Nutanix help you drive it to the basket and win your home court IT challenges.
      Junior Ballroom B

    • Modern Infrastructure for the Digital Age – A Slam Dunk for Success

      Brian Gatta, Director, Strategy & GTM – Storage & Converged Platforms Division | Dell Technologies
      Learn how Dell Technologies is designing solutions to prepare customers for the next data era. Learn how the technology inflection points of artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing and hybrid cloud are changing the way customers are consuming Dell Technologies modern infrastructure.
      Junior Ballroom C

1:20 pm

Breakout Session Group C

    • Using Red Hat Ansible and OpenShift to Enable Your Cloud Journey

      Steve Taranto, Technical Architect | Sirius
      Automation and container orchestration are critical components of any cloud-native and application modernization initiative. Red Hat Ansible and OpenShift are the leaders in these domains. Learn how both solutions can become important foundations as the demands increase on your IT and application delivery organizations.
      Junior Ballroom A1

    • Artificial Intelligence: The Next Industrial Revolution

      Anthony Sabaj, Director North America Engineering | Check Point
      At its core, the Industrial Revolution of the 18th century was all about replacing muscles with machines. Machines that are stronger, more accurate and do not get tired. We are now at the dawn of the next industrial revolution, aiming to replace the human brain with machines. Machines that are faster, capable of larger scale and do not get bored or need a break. The concept may be futuristic, but already there are countless usages of AI all around us in our daily lives and its effect on Cyber Security today.
      Junior Ballroom A2

    • Taking Large Enterprise Customers to Azure, the Sirius Way

      David Chandler, Infrastructure Services Architect | Sirius
      Kyle Quinby, Cloud Architect | Sirius
      In this session we will review the Sirius approach to accelerating and, more importantly, operationalizing large enterprise customers’ cloud journey to Azure. This will include lessons learned as well as practical examples that Sirius executed on in 2019.
      Junior Ballroom A3

    • Healthcare’s Migration to the Cloud

      Kathy Cluff, Principal, IT Consulting | Sirius
      Trends in healthcare are leading to more and more use cases for cloud. This session will review key steps needed for successful transition, including identifying which applications are the best candidates, and the steps to take to achieve target outcomes.
      Junior Ballroom D1

    • Data Protection for the Cloud Era

      Bill Gurling, Cloud Solutions Architect | Rubrik
      Modern architectures require modern data protection solutions! In this session we will discuss some of the challenges that hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud architectures present. We’ll also address how Rubrik can help solve these problems while allowing you to extract new business value from your data protection assets.
      Junior Ballroom D2

    • Stay Left of Boom, Visibility Through Data Maturity

      Chris Worley, Practice Manager | Sirius
      Move from simply collecting and amassing data, to producing useful analytics that support security efforts. Help keep your organization to the “left of boom” by disrupting and responding to attacks before they happen.

      Sirius helps organizations use security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) enabled solutions for a proactive approach to security incidents. SOAR-enabled SIEM platforms can assemble data from disparate sources, provide data enrichment, produce advanced analytics, and orchestrate and automate response.

      This session will explore how next-generation security monitoring and response solutions can reduce the impact of resource deficits, skill gaps, budget constraints, and response time shortfalls by using automation to perform routine tasks typically performed by SOC analysts and engineers.
      Junior Ballroom D3

2:00 pm

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Grand Ballroom

2:40 pm

Breakout Session Group D

    • READY, SECURE, DELIVER: The Cloud and Branch Story

      James Robertson, Chief Technology Officer | Aruba Networks
      In this session, we will demonstrate how wired and wireless provisioning can be streamlined and managed from a single source. We will look at provisioning the campus and data center infrastructure to ensure network readiness, even when IT staff time is stretched or skill level is minimal. We will show how Aruba software delivers unparalleled visibility and analytics to enable network assurance, and how to coordinate network switch configuration. You will also learn how to simplify and secure networks access via automated policy enforcement with Aruba Dynamic Segmentation.
      Junior Ballroom A1

    • How to Drive Value With AI

      Mady Mantha, AI Platform Leader | Sirius
      This talk will provide an overview of today’s AI and machine learning climate, and touch upon conversational AI and ML use cases that drive value. We will discuss effective AI strategies, including how to drive value and make money with AI, and augmenting processes with scalable machine learning so that human systems can delegate the mundane and focus on innovation. We’ll talk about the various components that make pragmatic machine learning successful, such as robust NLP, meaningful insights and continuous learning cycles. We’ll conclude with ways to overcome the various challenges in further advancing data-driven ML systems.Junior Ballroom A2

    • Enabling Zero Trust with F5 and Azure AD

      Leif Rasmussen, Senior Strategic Systems Engineer | F5 Networks
      During this session we will discuss the complexities of secure trusted application access in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud world. You will discover how F5 bridges the identity gap between apps supporting modern authentication and IDaaS like Azure AD. You will learn how to integrate F5’s BIG-IP Access Policy Manager and Microsoft’s Azure AD to build micro-perimeters around apps and enable zero trust through Identity Aware Proxy (IAP).
      Junior Ballroom A3

    • Hybrid Cloud for EHR Disaster Recovery

      Josh Peacock, Healthcare Solutions Advisor | Sirius
      Kyle Quinby, Cloud Architect | Sirius
      Join us for a demonstration exercising a leading public cloud provider as the elastic disaster recovery target for much of your EHR and other critical clinical applications. During the demonstration a flexible reference architecture will outline how other critical applications can be protected, along with discussion around the tools necessary to facilitate both failover and fallback. Sirius team members who lead testing with our clients will provide insights into the challenges that had to be overcome and some that still persist.
      Junior Ballroom D1

    • Better Together: Converging Security, IT Ops, and Cloud Expertise for Better Business Outcomes

      Matt Cauthorn, VP Sales Engineering, Security Evangelist | ExtraHop
      This session will explore how cross-functional collaboration between IT Ops and SecOps teams can improve overall security and compliance posture across the entire enterprise attack surface from the data center to the remote site to the cloud. In the session, attendees will learn about:

      • Top challenges for IT ops, security, and cloud teams, including too little coordination among tool buyers (training and procurement), duplication of efforts, and wasted spend.
      • The misalignments contributing to stalled initiatives, including cloud migrations.
      • How existing data and tooling can be leveraged cross-functionally to improve security posture.
      • The Shared Responsibility model, and how security practices for cloud can be applied to security across all hybrid operations.

      Junior Ballroom D2

    • A Waypoint Guide – Navigating the Challenges of Moving to a Cloud Data Warehouse

      Kevin McConnell, Senior Solutions Architect | Sirius
      Data warehouse modernization promises many benefits: improved scalability, performance and security to name a few. However, migrating to a cloud data warehouse platform can seem like a daunting task. Join Sirius for a discussion on navigating the challenges of moving to a cloud data warehouse.
      Junior Ballroom D3

    • Leveraging Aggregation Services to Reduce Operational Expenses

      Timothy Flynn, Director – Aggregation Services | Sirius
      This session will review how Sirius’ Aggregation Services team is working to assist customers identify opportunities to reduce operational expenses. We will provide an overview of our evaluation methodologies and a recent business case that will demonstrate the financial benefit to the customer.
      Meeting Room 4

3:30 pm

Breakout Session Group E

    • A Modern WAN Edge for a Cloud First Enterprise

      Robert Alexander, Regional Sales Manager | Silver Peak
      Silver Peak, the global SD-WAN leader, delivers the transformational promise of the cloud with a business-first networking model. The Unity EdgeConnect™ self-driving wide area network platform liberates enterprises from conventional WAN approaches to transform the network from a constraint to a business accelerant. Thousands of globally distributed enterprises have deployed Silver Peak WAN solutions across 80 countries. Learn more at silver-peak.com.
      Junior Ballroom A1

    • Customer Dunks with Nutanix

      Sam Newnam, Systems Engineering Director, Americas GTM | Nutanix
      The world’s most advanced data centers rely on Nutanix to deliver their mission-critical applications, desktops and data. Nutanix is committed to customer success and delivers award-winning business outcomes. Hear from customers how Nutanix solutions can assist your IT operations, data center, storage, development and multi-cloud management needs, all while offering flexibility and security. Find out why Nutanix is your best offensive and defensive cloud strategy.
      Junior Ballroom A2

    • Stop the Madness! Deliver a Modern Data Experience from Data Center to Cloud with Pure Storage

      Stephen Botte, VP of Technology; Partners & Alliances | Pure Storage
      Do you want speed, simplicity and flexibility in your storage? Pure Storage enables your data to drive more value for your business whether it’s stored on-prem, in a cloud, multi-cloud or hybrid model. By attending this session you’ll learn how Pure can help your digital transformation journey to hybrid cloud, analytics and rapid restore. Join us to learn how we can help fuel innovation with your data while simplifying your infrastructure.
      Junior Ballroom A3

    • 3…2…1…Game Over!

      Brett Shaw, Senior Product Marketing Manager | Proofpoint
      Don’t lose against the bad guys! The threat landscape is constantly changing and the attacks targeting your people are getting more sophisticated. Threat actors are continually refining their approaches to social engineering with well-crafted lures and schemes that regularly trick even the savviest users. So how can you better defend yourself, your organization and your end users?
      Junior Ballroom D2

    • Impact of M&A to Data Centers

      Michael Giess, Enterprise Architect | Sirius
      In 2019, North America’s M&A activity resulted in over $2T of economic activity. Industry experts predict this activity will only increase as competitive pressures heighten, skilled labor resources become scarce and economies of operational efficiencies are further refined. These events significantly impact a firm’s IT infrastructure and applications. Sirius provides the skills, certifications and experience to identify and assess DC transformation plans in response to significant events. Together, we’ll create the roadmap for managing, implementing, operating and governing the changes to the technology environment.
      Junior Ballroom D3

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